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Oil Field Housing is a special type of prefab modular structure designed to meet the growing need of workforce housing for companies that specialize in oil field development. While new drilling technologies are driving an oil boom and creating new jobs, the increasingly growing number of oil field workers are overpopulating small towns in states like Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Due to the shortage of housing this creates, many oil field workers have previously been forced to live in their cars or anywhere else they can find a place to stay.

Oil Field Housing manufacturers keep these hard-working individuals in mind, and develop housing solutions to help them find more comfortable temporary housing. Just like Man Camps, Oil Field Housing structures are versatile, and can be moved and installed at another site when the job calls for it. They can also accommodate additional buildings like admin offices, laundry facilities, commercial kitchens, and recreational areas. Many manufacturers of Oil Field Housing deliver their product fully-equipped, meaning that all that’s left is to bring the crew and get to work. Plus, the goal is to make the lives of oil field workers as comfortable as possible, so it’s not uncommon to find floor plans that include amenities such as flat screen TVs, soft-top mattresses, leather seating, modern ovens and microwaves, and more. Ultimately, this gives oil field workers a real home away from home.

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