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Man Camps provide a solution for one of the biggest challenges with large-scale projects in certain industries, such as oil field development. These modular structures provide living quarters for the work force in undeveloped, remote locations such as these. The ideal solution to these problems are custom engineered modular man camp buildings. These buildings can be designed, constructed, and deployed efficiently and quickly to ensure that project operations are up and running fast.

There are many other major benefits to factory-built modular housing solutions such as man camps. Modular man camp buildings can also be easily removed and installed at another site while leaving minimal environmental impact. They can also provide as much space as needed for living quarters, dining facilities, commercial kitchens, recreation facilities, laundry, office and administration spaces. In fact, these workforce housing solutions can vary from small 20-50 person man camps to large full-service complexes that accommodate over 1,000 workers. Man camps can also easily be expanded with additional buildings due to the nature of modular construction. All of these benefits make man camps the most cost-effective and versatile solution to house remote site workers.

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