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Green homes are often misunderstood as being a separate style of modular home. However, Green modular homes are more of a classification that specifies the way that they’re built. The truth is that all modular homes and manufactured homes are more “green” than traditional site-built homes due to the nature of the factory construction process. Green homes take it a step further and utilize technology like solar panels to maximize energy efficiency.

Certain modular designs lend themselves more to energy efficiency, and green homes are a perfect example of this technology being put to use. If energy efficiency is important to you, consider a green modular home for your next purchase. Many manufacturers specialize in green modular homes and evaluate environmental impacts throughout their design process in order to minimize that impact. The modern fabrication systems used in constructing Green homes are able to reduce waste by roughly 50% compared to site-built homes. Green homes are perfect for those that want a sustainable and environmentally-friendly home while enjoying the all other benefits of factory-built housing, such as customization and affordability.

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