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Modular Home Mansions are prefab homes that are distinguished more by their size than by a particular style. With modular building becoming more advanced and intricate, size concerns that used to exist are no longer an issue. In fact, the largest modular homes are the ones that offer the greatest savings over traditional site-built homes. These luxury homes make the dream of home ownership a reality for families and individuals in search of an affordable, yet elegant and spacious prefab home to call their own.

Just as Park Models and Tiny Homes are on one end of the size spectrum, Modular Home Mansions are on the other extreme. Some of these homes are built with as many as 33 individual sections and can span approximately 16,000 square feet! Modular Home Mansions can be built to match other well-known modular home styles, such as Colonial. These prefab mansions have elegant and luxurious additions such as towers, columned front porches, enormous roof decks, and more than sixty windows around the home. All the amenities of traditional stick-built mansions can be found in their prefab equivalent, such as exercise rooms, wine cellars, cathedral ceilings, and more. The modern modular home mansion is truly a testament to how much is possible with modern factory-built housing.

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