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Multifamily homes are proof that modular home construction can be more than just single family housing. Manufacturers across America are able to build an array of multifamily structures such as duplexes and apartments. Using modular technology in a highly controlled factory setting, this construction strategy allows manufacturers to build multiple unit residential buildings with parking, atrium and open space environments, and well-appointed living areas. If you are a prospective owner, architect, or property developer, a modular factory-built housing unit is likely the best option when it comes to quality, affordability, and speed of occupancy.

Did you know that factory-built multifamily homes have certain natural advantages over site-built homes when it comes to sustainability? When it comes to multifamily construction, the factory-built process substantially reduces construction waste. As a result, modular multifamily home units have lower environmental impacts compared to site-built condominiums or townhouses, making them the “greenest” way to build this type of housing. No matter what your project requires, a factory-built multifamily unit guarantees that you can enjoy faster delivery, fewer weather-related delays, greatly reduced site disturbance, reduced long-term maintenance, and a more affordable project.

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