Modular homes can be built to satisfy any design specification and criteria for a site. Their versatility is a key selling point for the current market of home-buyers who want more control over where their money goes and what that investment actually gets them. SG Blocks, Inc. is a designer, fabricator, and innovator for modular structures. They will be displaying single-family container-based modular homes at the upcoming Annual Five Star Conference and Expo. According to Citizen Tribune, “They’re partnered with Grimshaw Architects, an international architecture practice, and they will be showcasing their collaborated homes through an innovative animated video and physical models at the expo. The Five Star Conference is an integral source of information, collaboration, and progression for the housing and mortgage industry and takes place September 16-18, 2018, in Dallas.”

Citizen Tribune worked on this story and quoted some of the big names involved. Paul Galvin, Chairman, and CEO of SG Blocks was one such person, and he had this to say about the homes and their intended impact on the modular market:

“Our partnership with Grimshaw brings to life unique, state-of-the-art designed homes that are constructed in an eco-friendly, cost-efficient manner. We are delighted that the industry will have the opportunity to see our vision at the conference.”

The single-family home is part of the newly-formed company SG Residential, which focuses on the sales and financing of single-family container-based modular homes. This new brand and platform allow buyers to purchase container-based modular homes with down payments and mortgages just like any other housing option on the market. The container-based strategy is both a sustainability focus and for increasing cost effectiveness, lowering starting prices for the homes and saving money for the consumer in the process. While shipping containers would normally simply sit and rot under after their use in the industry, using them as the building blocks for modular homes allows them to have a new purpose and be reused a number of times in varying ways depending on site and budget needs.

SG Blocks provides integration of container building technology that offers clients a safe, sustainable, green, and scalable alternative versus traditional stick-built construction. SG Blocks is recognized by the International Code Council (ICC) and holds an ESR number as a manufacturer that follows their codes to a T. This distinction is held by no other container construction company, and it ensures their ability to meet and exceed all international building codes.

SG Blocks and Grimshaw are collaborating to employ this revolutionary method of construction across a wide variety of building types including Single-family housing, multi-family housing, and retail and commercial spaces. The versatility and options are truly endless. Particularly the container-based market of modular homes prove to be able to become whatever the client and manufactured home lending house calls for. The materials they are made of can be configured and adjusted in such a way that makes the possibilities of creativity and sustainability perhaps the highest in any housing industry.