Modular homes international are once again proving their usefulness in the humanitarian sector. While these homes are perfect for the personal shoppers that are seeking to house their family, they are also well prepared for the developers who are seeking to house families of varying financial status in urban areas. Reportedly, the city of Vancouver has approved the development of 98 modular homes that will give homeless Indigenous people the first priority. CTV News of Canada said “…the focus on Indigenous homelessness is needed after it’s annual homeless count revealed that 40 percent of Vancouver’s homeless population are of First Nation descent. The Lu’ma Native Housing Society was chosen by the city as the not-for-profit operator of the two proposed buildings, which will be built starting in September.” 

The complex will also provide support for the new residents, such as life-skills training, volunteer and work opportunities, and connections to varying, applicable community programs. A condition of the development is the establishment of an advisory committee, comprised of one at least one member from each of the different group coming together to solve this issue: volunteers, the police, Native Americans, and the housing committee of British Columbia. “The 98 new homes, expected to be opened in December, are roughly 30 square meters, include a kitchenette, bathroom, and a living room,” CTV says.

Modular Building’s Benefit

What this shows is modular housing’s true power and usefulness as a building method. If they can be efficiently put together to safely and securely house so many people and families that are currently in need, they can be trusted to house a family here in the states for a lifetime. modular home builders are there to get your vision clearly understood and worked on the right way. There are so many options for every single aspect of your new home that need to be considered because you’re in control of it all. Pair that with the helpfulness and commitment that modular home retailers will serve your needs with, it’s little wonder that this is the newest go-to when considering purchasing a new home, even for first-time buyers. There are not many times that those who are fresh to the market can make the decision to buy their land and home together, but modular makes that an option because of its flexibility and its functionality and adaptability. 

Let the modular difference show you the potential of your budget and land to make the perfect house for you and your family. There’s no better way to get what you need from the space that you’re working with. There’s a value that can’t be beaten when you put the money for your new home directly to the things you need and not all the extra dealings that can come up during a traditional build. Modular homes can and will solve your housing needs. Connect with modular home lenders here! Builders are taking modular home international, but there’s still plenty of savings for you to have today!