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Just like with traditional housing, it’s important to have someone walk you through the factory-built home buying process. That’s why we provide you with a growing directory of retailers and local builders of modular homes, in Greensboro, North Carolina and throughout the country. Their sole focus is to help you and your family customize and purchase the home you love. We list retailers from all over the country, so there’s a good chance that a qualified, trustworthy retailer isn’t far away.

Need financing for your new factory-built home? No problem! Our site has a huge directory of qualified modular home lenders, many of which serve the state of North Carolina. They are experts in every aspect of financing your new modular or manufactured home and ready to answer any questions you may have. We can help put you in touch with lenders that will assist with anything from construction loans to FHA/VA and Home Only financing.

When shopping for a new modular home or manufactured home in Greensboro, North Carolina, it’s good to keep energy efficiency in mind. Many areas of the country are becoming more active in enforcing energy efficiency standards when it comes to home construction. Luckily, factory-built home construction is a natural fit when it comes to energy efficiency. Thanks to quality materials and advanced building techniques, your home will not only be good for the environment but it will save you hundreds each year on energy bills!

Modular Home Financing Has Never Been Easier

Let us find you the perfect loan for the perfect home. Finding the right modular home loan doesn’t have to be difficult, and being able to compare qualified lenders has never been easier. We make it simple for you to find the right lender who will help you and your family with modular home financing.

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