There are many different types of housing situations that a family in the market can be in, and that will determine what it is they are looking to buy. Budget, space, and stipulations considered, sometimes the answer isn’t necessarily a brand new full-scale home, but a smaller unit to complement an existing property or structure. One such solution for this specific need is to build a smaller structure that won’t replace your home, but can just what a family needs. Families that are growing or need to give a member more of their own private space are becoming more and more open to creative solutions. That’s why modular home manufacturer and pre-fab home builder LivingHomes has unveiled the LivingHome AD1, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that can act be a spare guest house, storage or office space, or stand on its own as a tiny home for a child saving money to move out eventually. The opportunities that come along with an ADU modular structure are as endless as the buyer’s imagination or structural need.

ADU Modular Structure

The idea behind an ADU is to squeeze every inch out of its undersized frame to make the most out of such a compact living space. They are structured in a way that makes their often sub-500 sqft feel like a full home that will last.  The AD1 is a 400spft rig that can be outfitted with a bedroom, full bath, full kitchen, and still have enough space for storage and entertaining guests.

ADU Modular Structure

The Tiny Home craze benefits from this type of structure too, as it gives a more permanent kind of structure to those who are looking to downsize but still want their feet to the ground and not on the mobility of a truck trailer. As add-ons to existing single-family homes, it serves as an extra room for a family member or two or even be rented out at affordable prices as another source of income for a family, without breaking the bank on an investment.

LEED-certified construction, in addition to high-efficiency lighting and HVAC systems, make this dwelling a sustainable rental unit option for those who are in the rental market but want to maintain a high standard of environmental friendliness. LivingHomes also makes customization a priority with their different finishing options for interior and exterior, hardware choices for cabinets, and optional Caesarstone countertops.

In this cutthroat period of home buying, ADU’s are being considered heavily, with some people ensuring that they will be the answer to the problem. In California, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill easing restrictions on such ADU’s in 2016. Though California is taking open steps to provide more options like this to solve their slice of the crisis, many other states are considering the new unit, and it is available to residents in every state, regulation-depending, though shipping costs will vary. The AD1 starts at $99,000 for the base units, a price that excludes site work costs and permit fees.

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