Something that gets in the way of people’s choice when purchasing modular housing is a false sense of danger that may lie within. Because the factory built model is so different than what people normally experience with home buying, there is an honest ignorance of the precautions that go into the manufacturing process. While both stick-built and modular homes are subject to single-family housing codes, the modular housing industry has agreed to build based on the IRC (International Residential Code) nationwide, and has worked hand in hand with the respective state’s building authorities to create methods and materials designed to make a structure last and provide safety in modular homes that are produced and delivered to American families.

Modular’s Mission:

The concerns of the buyer are often the concerns of the modular home builder when it comes to the reliability of a home. Besides the pride in their work and good business sense in building quality homes, modular housing plants, like Deer Valley Homebuilders are very aware of the seriousness of their endeavor. They are building a home where people are living for years to come. There are often families in these homes, and they trust that the house they bought is not only going to last but that it will keep them safe in case of an emergency. That’s why the industry has promoted and kept safety in mind when they developed their best building practices. Take a look at some of the innovations found in modular home building today:

Modular Homes Safety in Detail:

Earthquake Safety: Modular homes have actually been found just as safe as their stick-built counterparts. Because modular homes are held to the standards and specifications as any other home built in the same state, they prove to be as sturdy as any other home in the state, regardless of building style. The thing to remember here is the foundation your new modular home is being placed on. Making sure your foundation is strong is what ensures that your home is getting the maximum protection, no matter how your construction methods operate.

Storm Safety: For those living in areas that hold a high likelihood of hurricane or tornado level winds, modular housing may be the better, safer option for a family. While no structural build can beat finding shelter underground in these situations, modular homes are regularly tested to be able to withstand high winds, transportation on bumpy highways, and their pieces must connect together in a way that is far and above what site-built homes are tested for due to these stipulations.

Buying Modular is the Safe Choice!

The truth is, modular homes are either on-par or safer than their stick-built neighbors in every safety aspect applicable to their area of residence. Buyers should consider researching for themselves incredible offerings factory-built homes have to offer the market. The modular home industry is here to not only provide a quality product but to house America in reliability and a safe home that they can trust with their family. Trust the safety in modular homes, and decide on a plan that fits your needs, today!